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Astarra Barbie Cindy (Country Doodlins)

Acadie's Art

Astarra Designs BJ's Web World  




Deb DeHaven



 Duwayne's World

Deb's PhotoImpact Tutorials and More

Viking Folklore


Grace Lynne Bishop Linda Jacobs Maggie
Sparrowz World PhotoImpact For Dimmies   MaCo Graphics


Marcie MaryLou White Nancy Holmes Polly Morris
Odz-N-Enz PhotoImpact Resource Center    


Pamela Morrisson TexSusan Tom Glenda
    xpectinu Images by Glendam


Charles (goodspark2000)  Joy Robert Edna
    Viking's Web Animation Edna's Tutorials


Sheryl Ginny  Maureen  
The Baye Window Boopalotta Creative-Designs  



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